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South East Solar provides solar panels and grid connect solar power throughout Melbourne. Our experienced and licensed installers can help you get connected to solar power as quickly as possible.

Why Solar Panels and Grid Connect Solar Power?

Solar energy provides clean, renewable and sustainable power. Solar power is good for the environment as well as for your hip-pocket with the savings you receive.

  • Save up to 100% on your electricity bills
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • System will pay for itself in a short time
  • Increase the value and green energy rating of your property
  • Low maintenance solar panels with a long life expectancy.

Installing Solar Panels

Are you considering installing solar panels for your home or business? A key question to consider is whether your property has unobstructed north facing roof space. That's the ideal setting for solar panels, but other alternatives such as a tilt frame on your east or west roof can be an alternative. Contact us to discuss the best arrangement for your property.

Financial Incentives - for how much longer?

Generous incentives are currently available to install solar power. Unfortunately, the incentives available will reduce over time. In recent years the Government has slashed, changed or reduced incentives with little or no warning. The best advice we can offer is to get in while incentives are still around and start to enjoy the benefits earlier!

Boost Your Property Value!

Considering selling? Green properties are becoming increasingly popular on the real estate market. Unlike many other home improvements, solar power systems are close to maintenance free and in fact make you a profit!


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